Green Tea and Their Varieties

There has been alot of press in  the past on the so-called benefits of green tea.

Create a Blend of Green Tea

Create a Blend of Green Tea

Waking up with a cup of freshly brewed herbal green tea can make your day. Green tea just like black tea is made from the same Camellia Sinensis leaves. The leaves get their green color as they are not fermented as much as black tea. This results in green tea retaining the grassy taste and flavoring.  Not only does the green tea make you feel fresh but it also has Polyphenols which is an excellent source of antioxidant which can improve your immune system and protect your body from several kinds of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and stroke.  It is also believed that these antioxidants can also delay the process of aging by reducing the amount of free radicals in our system.

It is said that green tea originated from China but it quickly got very popular among all the Asian countries and now it is spreading its taste in western countries as well. Green teas like fine wines have different taste and flavor profiles. The main types of green tea are as follows:

1. Sencha – This is a famous green tea of Japan. It has a mixed taste of sweet and acerbic. Bancha is a lower quality of Sencha tea.

2. Dragonwell – This is an expensive tea found in the West Lake area of China. Having a bright green color this is a superior quality of green tea. It has a very invigorating taste.

3. Macha – Used in traditional Japanese ceremony Macha is very light and sweet in taste. It is found in a powered form and can be used to make desserts.

4. Gunpowder – This green tea got its name because it is rolled to take the shape of gunpowder. Its freshness is sealed tight inside the roll. It has a little grassy taste.

5. Jasmine – This green tea is a mixture of green tea leaves and jasmine flowers. This concoction gives it a unique flavor and fragrance of jasmine flowers.

6. Genmaicha – This too is a fusion of green tea leaves and toasted brown rice. This might sound peculiar but this very blend gives it a very exclusive crunchy savor.

7. Anji – If you are not a tea person but are interested to develop your taste in tea then try this variety of green tea. This green tea is gaining popularity because of its superior and delicate taste. It is produced in the Zhejiang area of China.

Green Tea formulas are now used by people of many countries for several health related reasons such as to eliminate bad breadth as it kills odor causing bacteria up to 30%. These teas can also fight our LDL or bad cholesterol. Green tea is an excellent fat burner. Herbal green tea plants are thermogenic in nature which means that they can augment the metabolic rate of any living being.

One can also use liquid green tea extract. Liquid green tea extract is easy to use and are proven to increase your energy level by boosting your metabolism. Green tea formulas can now also be bought in the form of capsules. This type of green tea supplement has all the same health benefits as the green tea itself.

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